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Other IT ventures Nigerians can try to earn a living from aside programming

I discovered a lot of Nigerians want to port to tech basically because of the money and opportunities just like more of our parents ventured into finance in their own days. Programming is not a piece of cake. Many want to learn web and app development, you see people on nairaland saying they want to

Why You need to redesign Your Website during the COVID-19 Lockdown 

Why You need to redesign Your Website during the COVID-19 Lockdown With Covid-19 lockdown in place, business owners must realize that sooner or later their business will be back on track. But in order for that to happen, they must utilize this period wisely. Thus, no matter what industry you operate in or what type

5 Email Marketing Techniques That Can Sell Anything

Do your clients think their products and services might be boring? The purpose it serves certainly isn’t boring to their customers. Products don’t have to be flashy to be important, and it’s value that sells. But if your clients think they’re boring, their email marketing will surely reflect that. It will come across like a

How to Write Cold Emails That Quickly Convert Sales

Considering that the average office worker receives a whooping 121 emails per day, it’s no wonder it’s a challenge to get your emails read. Imagine someone receiving a cold email from you. Why would she open it? She has no idea who you are, what you do or why she should care about what you’re

Interesting Things you can do during this 14 days Lock down

Interesting Things you can do during this 14 days Lock down Due to the covid-19 pandemic a lot of people both young and old are at home, but do you know there are interesting things you can do at home that would bring in profit to you. Lets Get Started Learn a new skill: This

Animated Videos Tools You can use

Hello Guys This is an educational piece , lets look at tools you can use to make animated videos What you need is your a pc and an internet, Note that you can only make explainer videos with this tools and not a full nollywood movie You can learn to use this tools and use

Types of Websites

Hello Guys Lets look at different kinds of websites , the reason for this post is because a lot of people contact web developers for web projects and really dont know what kind of website they want. This post will enable you make decisions when next you choose to have a website or planning to

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