Softplace Bulk Email Extractor

Bulk Email Extractor from Softplace is a very powerful email extractor program for extracting huge amount of email addresses in a minute. It can extract email addresses from any web site/web pages, such as search engines like Google/yahoo/bing, business directory web sites like nairaland, facebook…, any web sites you want. Bulk Email Extractor is very easy to use. In most cases all you need to do is to enter some valid seed URLs in the search text box, and enter one or two scope tags to limit the search scope if needed. Click the “Start” button to begin harvesting. Then you can just wait to have millions of email addresses.Bulk Email Extractor supports multithread spidering, and you can harvest thousands of emails in few seconds.



  • Very fast email extractor that supports multi-threaded spidering.
  • Support filters that limit the scanning depth and paths.
  • Interval setting between web pages’ access within a site
  • Extract emails from the search engines using keywords.
  • Harvest emails from many targeted websites or domains at the same time, e.g twitter,facebook,nairaland.
  • Export email lists to text files
  • Pause/continue extracting any time you want
  • Clear URL queues any time you want
  • Customize your email patterns to extract *very Flexible*. In fact, you can exact any html element if you’re familiar with regular expression.


Step 1:
Purchase Softplace Bulk Mail Extractor going for ₦ 7,500

Step 2:
Enter some valid seed URLs in the search text box. And enter one or two website scope tags to limit the search scope if needed. You can also set number of multi-threading, as well as the Interval of time between two access to one website  Important: You must ensure your connection to the internet have established before start the program.

Step 3:
Click the “Start” button to begin harvesting.

Step 4:
After email-extracting finish, click ‘Export’ button to export the huge amount of email addresses to text file for your usage eg. email marketing.


Softplace Bulk Email Extractor is totally clean and virus-free. We guarantee that! But we found there’re some web browsers or anti-virus software false report it may have virus, that’s totally improper. If you have any issues, please contact us.


For any inquires please email the details on Contact page