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I discovered a lot of Nigerians want to port to tech basically because of the money and opportunities just like more of our parents ventured into finance in their own days.
Programming is not a piece of cake.
Many want to learn web and app development, you see people on nairaland saying they want to learn php, python and java so has to make big money so to speak and equally get great jobs overseas.
But most people dont know IT is very large, programming is not the only thing that can fetch you money in the IT Department. A lot of people can build websites for as low as 20,000 the competition right now is too high.
Getting clients equally is not easy, the best form many programmers get clients is via referrals. Equally due to the covid19 outbreak most people don’t care about a website what they care about is money how to make money.
You need to find ways to help companies generate profit, this is the season of sales.

These are fields in IT you can actually become a pro in, come on not everyone would know how to code


Email Marketing and newsletters design: I do cold mail a lot and the result is always fantastic, the first thing that moves a client is how did you get their mail it triggers them to use your service, it has worked for me a lot. Email Marketing is an art, according to statista over 20 to 40 million Nigerians use smart phones and we all know you need an email to make your phone fully functional for example android without an email you cant access playstore and some other core functionalities of your phone. You need to know how to make sure the emails sent aren’t going to the spam folder or promotion tab but directly into their inbox.

I charge between 15k to 25k to do email marketing for individuals and companies multiply that by 10 clients, you can be earning between 100k to 150k per month on your own, platforms like mail chimp, getresponse, mailrush etc would help you send out mails to thousand of people in minutes or hour or you can get a private smtp. The ROI average is at 47% if you do it rightly. Get companies a client that covers the cost of that campaign makes them use your services more. I sent a cold mail to a prospect on Thursday i guess and he told me he wanted to get field agents to do the marketing for his company but changed his mind and wants to engage my service instead.
Lead Generator: Apart from sending newsletter, you need to learn how to get functional email addresses. Companies pay thousands of Naira for email addresses, you might be wondering why because they know some of their clients can miss their ads but would not miss their mails so they are always trying to get email addresses they can use for their newsletter campaign. Sending emails is not enough if its not sent to the right people . Leads can be created for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads.
Lead generation isn’t just about getting people to visit their site in the first place. It’s also about collecting their info so they can contact those visitors, and nurture them into becoming loyal customers and raving fans. To guide them through that journey, you need to use the right lead generation tools.
Lead generation is not about just getting emails but getting direct emails or contacts of people that would purchase services of your clients. For example you cant get emails of just anybody for construction firms, you need to get leads of companies into property development or financial institution or private investors who are active in Real estate Development.
After getting the emails make sure you verify if the emails are OK, don’t sell dead mails to clients it spoils your chances of another deal or even deals

Article writing: You can earn between 5000 to 15000 Naira writing articles for companies. Most innovative companies know how important writing articles draw clients, writing an article for real estate companies that drives sales for them will drive money for you for example a topic like this Top places to live in Lagos for Expatriates can bring thousands of foreigners to their website which turns to sales for them

SEO Expert: Every company that has a website no 1 wish is to make sure their website is on google first page. Most people think SEO is magic , to grow your SEO you need to write articles of interest. Write articles that you know people who search for be in the minds of people. Cheapest places to live in Ajah is a good Topic that can drive traffic for real estate firms in lekki. Seo guys charge 25k for their job multiply that by 5 and you can earn more if you work more smarter and harder. i use real estate a lot because their are many real estate firms into property development that are looking for clients every second that’s why they spend a lot on ads.  Neil patel doesn’t build websites but can draw 3 million visits to a website in a month , imagine how much companies pay for his services

Digital Marketing: Running ads for companies and individuals would bring revenue to you too, just know how to run the ads and bring clients for them watch how they keep coming back and referring others to you.

Explainer Videos: With websites like renderforest you can make great animated videos or explainers. Companies want to run ads but they need nice contents that would drive sales for them.

Yes i build websites and apps but i didnt just settle down there, i took my time to learn all this things. If you have a tech company and dont know how to do this things you would be making loads of losses from your end too.

NOTE: Nothing in this post is intended to be a guarantee or promise. The results i have is because i intentionally implemented proven strategies and they are not typical, its down to hard work, commitment and being intentional. Your results will be impacted by numerous factors not limited to your experience, background, discipline, and time you commit to applying it – i make no result-based guarantees whatsoever. You need to be patient and result driven to attain this mark

I would Be training people on how to create newsletter, generate leads and send effective email campaigns
You can click this Link below to register, it would be a live stream event for individuals interested in learning more about email marketing and lead generation.

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