Web and App Development

We add more meaning and weight to your digital solutions with immaculate design

We do this work

    • Interactive Prototypes

      Almost like the real product, a prototype is great for getting early feedback, beta testing, and even selling your app idea.

    • Brand Identity

      We express your brand’s vision with a cohesive product style spanning your logo, icons, and color scheme.

    • UI Design

      We design user interfaces for mobile and web apps that are simple, intuitive, and visually appealing.

    • UX Design

      We use a number of techniques to gain insights into how to solve problems and fascinate customers.

Design process explained

  • Hello

    At this stage, we get to know our client and their project. We discuss our client’s backstory, the idea behind their product, the product’s basic features, product positioning, target audience, and desired results.

  • Research

    We carefully study project documentation, talk more to our client, and conduct thorough market and competitor research. We gather and organize all possible information that may be needed when building the product.

  • Sketching

    We search for and prepare UI references and create moodboards. The client then gives their feedback as to what they like and what they want to change so we know which way to go. After that, we create the very first concepts. Usually these are one or two screens demonstrating some of the app’s UI and functionality.

  • Designing UI

    Now we design the actual UI. We draw screens and create animated prototypes to mimic user interactions and demonstrate the app’s logic. This way, our client can test the interface before the actual app is developed.

  • Delivery

    At the very end, the whole UI, approved by a client, is uploaded to a project folder in Zeplin for further collaboration with developers.

We have a wealth of experience to guide our clients through their website build process and respond to their needs.

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