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What we are Offering?

In the design phase we carry out a full user-research process to dig into what your visitors want to see. Using this research, we’re able to create websites that convert your visitors into paying customers. We collaborate with our clients, keeping you updated along the way with mood boards and wireframes. For more urgent projects or smaller budgets we’re able to streamline this process where needed.

We develop websites from scratch for a fast, robust experience. A lot of people will access your website from their phone, and it’s well known that Google and other search engines give higher rankings to websites that load quickly on mobiles. We build using mobile first methodology and consistently stay up-to-date with the latest technological trends. We develop, deploy and host your website so you won’t need to spend hours Googling technical jargon. Development is a craft, and we take pride in what we produce, nailing every last detail.

Through our UX-research process, our e-commerce websites are designed to look great and feel familiar, ensuring that visitors are comfortable enough to buy what they’re looking for.

If a less-experienced user gets lost or doesn’t understand the navigation they will likely not purchase a product, so our checkout processes are designed to be as smooth as possible. Our shopping cart and checkout processes cross-sell related products and deliver a positive experience, ensuring that users want to return for their next purchase.

Our e-commerce websites are built as custom Shopify themes, ensuring that you benefit from the shop management features of Shopify while maintaining a completely custom look and feel. Up to half of visitors will access your website on their phone, so our websites are designed to be fast and robust on all devices including phones, tablets and desktops. As well as accepting all major bank card, our checkout processes accept frictionless payment methods such as Paystack, Paypal etc.

We have experience in a wide range of technologies and platforms, so speak to us if you have an existing website that uses a different e-commerce platform, or if you simply have a preference.

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Ecommerce Development

Mobile App Design

UX-research is the most important part of building an app. The best apps strike a balance between feeling unique and familiar. Our research process dives into what motivates users through competitive analysis, user personas, stories and mood-boards.
With this analysis we put pen to paper to produce low-fidelity wireframes and high-fidelity mockups. Our apps are designed to feel familiar to the users of household names such as Instagram, Airbnb, and Deliveroo.

We have a wide range of experience in all areas of app development allowing us to bring your product to life. Working both natively and with frameworks, we develop apps for iOS and Android. We develop a full technology stack for our apps, including a scalable and reliable server and database.

We set milestones and provide interim builds to keep you up-to-date with progress. As a company we pride ourselves on our attention to detail both visually and in code, and we always stay up-to-date with the latest technological trends meaning you’ll never fall behind the competition.

We love to find new ways to use smart phone specific features – our current on-the-market apps include features such as video-streaming, augmented reality, in-app purchases and activity tracking.

We have a wealth of experience to guide our clients through their website build process and respond to their needs.

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